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New Workshop announced: Harvard @ Rob|Arch 2012

We are pleased to announce the final Rob|Arch 2012 workshop: Led by Martin Bechthold and Nathan King, Harvard GSD will host a robot workshop at TU Graz. The topic of their workshop is “Robotic Casting”. Like all other workshops, the Harvard GSD workshop will take place from 14th to 16th of December. Participants will also have the chance to register for the free ABB-sponsored RobotStudio pre-workshop on the 13th.

The workshop explores novel approaches to serially customized casting processes enabled through the strategic deployment of three 6-axis robotic manipulators. Combining bottom up and top down design approaches, the workshop includes the design and fabrication of robotic molds geared towards the production of customizable structural components. The workshop production process takes full advantage of the robots ability to precisely choreograph the mold position in space and time. The production will generate a controlled yet infinitely variable family of structural modules that combine into a larger physical prototype.

Furthermore, the ETH Zurich & ROB Technology have informed us that their workshop will use the mobile ROB unit – a KUKA robotic arm mounted on a shipping container – that was used for projects such as the Pike Loop. See the video of ROB in action below:

You can register for the conference and workshops at

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